It’s got glitz and glamour. It’s got Bollywood panache. It’s even got a dash of controversy. The annual MissIndiaNZ event is a stage extravaganza not to be missed.

For the past decade some of New Zealand’s most stunning women have strutted their stuff as part of a jaw-dropping show filled with Bollywood music, celebrities and Indian beauties.

Organised by leading Bollywood event specialists Rhythm House, the Miss IndiaNZ event is a definite highlight on New Zealand’s show calendar. Aimed to promote and enhance local talent in NZ, Miss IndiaNZ provides a platform for young women of Indian heritage to launch into acting, modelling and the entertainment industry.

Now in its 12th year, the Miss IndiaNZ event continues to gain vested support from the wider community. Without the influences of a typical pageant and its dynamics, the Miss IndiaNZ event is set to continue the celebration of Kiwi-Indian elegance.

Twenty beautiful Kiwi-Indians accompanied by talented singers, musicians and dancers are promising another dazzling extravaganza. Embracing their traditions and cultural values are some of the reasons for the students, business professionals, beauticians, nurses and doctors to join Miss IndiaNZ 2014.

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